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A collection of experimental shorts, video art, feature films, and other Mo-Freek oddities 1994 - Present.
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  1. MOTHER'S DAY (1996)

    MOTHER'S DAY is a short film about three guys who are not with their Mother's on Mother's Day, talking and remembering the feeling of their lost childhoods.

  2. HUMANS WALKING (1995)

    HUMANS WALKING is a short 16mm film collage of people in motion in downtown NYC in 1995.

    Director / DP / Editor: Kevin Ford

    Music by Craig Ross
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  3. BATTERY PARK (1995)

    This 16mm short looks at a disgruntled filmmaker struggling to find meaning in his work.

    Director / Editor: Kevin Ford
    Photographer: Chattin Soule
    Music: Skiesfalling

  4. SLUT (1995)

    SLUT is a 16mm film collage about a young woman internalizing the intense stares of men all around the city.

    Music "Queen Bee" by Thurston Moore from the album "Psychic Hearts"

    Director / DP / Editor: Kevin Ford
    Instagram: @kevinfordmedia

    For Thurston Moore's "Psychic Hearts" please visit:


    Though his story has been repressed by the United States government for years, for the first time Lester Jackson's amazing tale is available to the masses in the form of this rare investigative documentary, which features interviews with many of the people who spent time with Lester while he was alive.

  6. GRIEVE BARBIE (1994)

    This Super-8 short by Kevin Ford artfully imagines a domestic abuse case between Barbie & Ken.

    Music: "See-Through Playmate" by Thurston Moore from the album "Psychic Hearts"