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A collection of experimental shorts, video art, feature films, and other Mo-Freek oddities 1994 - Present.
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  1. THE MAN IN THE WINDOW (2009) EP. 9

    THE MAN IN THE WINDOW (2009) EP. 9
    "The Economy"
    Video by Kevin Ford featuring A. DiMarco

  2. Smoking Kills [Spoof PSA] (2009)

    Skip Lotem: Smoking Kills (PSA)
    Public Service Announcement spoof about the dangers of cigarettes.
    (Co-Directed by Kevin Ford & Ian Levasseur / Edited by Kevin Ford)


    PATRIOTS AND FRIENDS is a short film capturing a conversation between two friends with very different perspectives.

    (C) Mo-Freek 2008

  4. NIGHTLIGHT (2008)

    NIGHTLIGHT is a video art collage by Kevin Ford featuring moths and other insects in the night. Music by Skiesfalling.

  5. WHEN IS TOMORROW (2008)

    Ron (Eddie Steeples, MY NAME IS EARL) is a successful poet from New York who has not seen his friend Jake (Kevin Ford) in five years. On the eve of Jake's wedding Ron shows up to celebrate but Jake has other things on his mind -- like settling old scores and getting wasted. WHEN IS TOMORROW is a buddy film gone wrong in Austin, Texas.

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  6. MALL MAN (2007)

    MALL MAN is a short film about a man (Doug Tash) revisiting his chidhood mall one last time to reflect on his memories before it is torn down and replaced by a Wal Mart.